Coding for Immune Globulins, Vaccines and Toxoids

CPT-Codes (Current Procedural Terminology) are assigned by the AMA and used to bill for Immune Globulins, Vaccines and Toxoids.

Immune Globulins: Products listed include broad-spectrum and anti-infective immune globulins, antitoxins, and various isoantibodies;

Vaccines/Toxoids: Multiple codes for a particular vaccine/toxoid are provided when the schedule (number of doses or timing) differs for two or more products of the same vaccine type (e.g., hepatitis A, HiB) or the vaccine product is available in more than one chemical formulation, dosage, or route of administration. Separate codes are available for combination vaccines (e.g., DTP-Hib, DtaP-Hib, and HepB-Hib). It is inappropriate to code each component of a combination vaccine separately. If a specific vaccine, toxoid or immune globulin code is not available, the unlisted CPT® code 90749 (vaccines/toxoids) or 90399 (immune globulins) should be reported, until a new code becomes available.

Reimb Code Description Effective Date Code Price Code Price-5%
90281 Immune Globulin (Ig), human, for intramuscular use (Code price is per 2 mL) 10/01/09 $38.83 $36.89