HCPCS 2010 Additions

Codes/Modifiers  Short Description

AI Principal physician of rec
J4 DMEPOS comp bid furn by hosp
PA Surgery, wrong body part
PB Surgery, wrong patient
PC Wrong surgery on patient
PI PET tumor init tx strat
PS PET tumor subsq tx strategy
V5 Vascular catheter
V6 Arteriovenous graft
V7 Arteriovenous fistula
V8 Infection present
V9 No infection present
A4264 Intratubal occlusion device
A4336 Urethral insert
A4360 Disposable ext urethral dev
A4456 Adhesive remover, wipes
A4466 Elastic garment/covering
A9581 Gadoxetate disodium inj
A9582 Iodine I-123 iobenguane
A9583 Gadofosveset trisodium inj
A9604 Sm 153 lexidronam
C9250 Artiss fibrin sealant
C9254 Injection, lacosamide
C9255 Paliperidone palmitate inj
C9256 Dexamethasone intravitreal
C9257 Bevacizumab injection
C9360 SurgiMend, neonatal
C9361 NeuroMend nerve wrap
C9362 Implnt,bon void filler-strip
C9363 Integra Meshed Bil Wound Mat
C9364 Porcine implant, Permacol
E0433 Portable liquid oxygen sys
E1036 Patient transfer system >300
G0420 Ed svc CKD ind per session
G0421 Ed svc CKD grp per session
G0422 Intens cardiac rehab w/exerc
G0423 Intens cardiac rehab no exer
G0424 Pulmonary rehab w exer
G0425 Inpt telehealth consult 30m
G0426 Inpt telehealth consult 50m
G0427 Inpt telehealth con 70/>m
G0430 Drug screen multi class
G0431 Drug screen single class
G8545 HepC measures grp
G8546 CAP measures grp
G8547 IVD measures grp
G8548 HF measures grp
G8549 HepC MG qual act perform
G8550 CAP MG qual act perform
G8551 HF MG qual act perform
G8552 IVD MG qual act perform
G8553 1 Rx via qualified eRx sys
G8556 Ref to doc otolog eval
G8557 Pt inelig ref otolog eval
G8558 No ref to doc otolog eval
G8559 Pt ref doc oto eval
G8560 Pt hx act drain prev 90 days
G8561 Pt inelig for ref oto eval
G8562 Pt no hx act drain 90 d
G8563 Pt no ref oto reas no spec
G8564 Pt ref oto eval
G8565 Ver doc hear loss
G8566 Pt inelig ref oto eval
G8567 Pt no doc hear loss
G8568 Pt no ref otolo no spec
G8569 Prol intubation req
G8570 No prol intub req
G8571 Ster wd ifx 30 d postop
G8572 No ster wd ifx
G8573 Stk/CVA CABG
G8574 No strk/CVA CABG
G8575 Postop ren insuf
G8576 No postop ren insuf
G8577 Reop req bld grft oth
G8578 No reop req bld grft oth
G8579 Antplt med disch
G8580 Antplt med contraind
G8581 no antplt med disch
G8582 Bblock disch
G8583 Bblock contraind
G8584 No bblock disch
G8585 Antilipid treat disch
G8586 Antlip disch contra
G8587 No antlipid treat disch
G8588 Sys BP <140
G8589 Sys BP >= 140
G8590 Dia BP < 90
G8591 Dia BP >= 90
G8592 No BP measure
G8593 Lipid pn results
G8594 No lipid prof perf
G8595 Ldl < 100
G8596 No LDL perf
G8597 Ldl >= 100
G8598 Asp therp used
G8599 No asp therp used
G8600 tPA initi w/in 3 hrs
G8601 No elig tPA init w/in 3 hrs
G8602 No tPA init w/in 3 hrs
G8603 Spok lang comp score
G8604 No high score spok lang
G8605 No spok lang comp score
G8606 Attention score
G8607 No high score attention
G8608 No attention score
G8609 Memory score
G8610 No high score memory
G8611 No memory score
G8612 Moto speech score
G8613 No high score moto speech
G8614 No moto speech score
G8615 Reading score
G8616 No high score reading
G8617 No reading score
G8618 Spok lang exp score
G8619 No high score spok lang exp
G8620 No spok lang exp score
G8621 Writing score
G8622 No high score writing
G8623 No writing score
G8624 Swallowing score
G8625 No high score swallowing
G8626 No swallowing score
G8627 Surg proc w/in 30 days
G8628 No surg proc w/in 30 days
G9141 Influenza A H1N1,admin w cou
G9142 Influenza A H1N1, vaccine
G9143 Warfarin respon genetic test
J0461 Atropine sulfate injection
J0559 PenG benzathine/procaine inj
J0586 AbobotulinumtoxinA
J0598 C1 esterase inhibitor inj
J0718 Certolizumab pegol inj
J0833 Cosyntropin injection NOS
J0834 Cosyntropin cortrosyn inj
J1680 Human fibrinogen conc inj
J2562 Plerixafor injection
J2793 Rilonacept injection
J2796 Romiplostim injection
J7185 Xyntha inj
J7325 Synvisc or Synvisc-One
J9155 Degarelix injection
J9171 Docetaxel injection
J9328 Temozolomide injection
K0739 Repair/svc DME non-oxygen eq
K0740 Repair/svc oxygen equipment
L2861 Torsion mechanism knee/ankle
L3891 Torsion mechanism wrist/elbo
L5973 Ank-foot sys dors-plant flex
L8031 Breast prosthesis w adhesive
L8032 Reusable nipple prosthesis
L8627 CID ext speech process repl
L8628 CID ext controller repl
L8629 CID transmit coil and cable
L8692 Non-osseointegrated snd proc
Q0138 Ferumoxytol, non-esrd
Q0139 Ferumoxytol, esrd use
Q0506 Lith-ion batt elec/pneum VAD
Q4074 Iloprost non-comp unit dose
Q4115 Alloskin skin sub
Q4116 Alloderm skin sub
Q9968 Visualization adjunct
S0280 Medical home, initial plan
S0281 Medical home, maintenance
S3713 KRAS mutation analysis
S3865 Comp genet test hyp cardiomy
S3866 Spec gene test hyp cardiomy
S3870 CGH test developmental delay
14301 Skin tissue rearrangement
14302 Skin tissue rearrange add-on
21011 Exc face les sc < 2 cm
21012 Exc face les sc = 2 cm
21013 Exc face tum deep < 2 cm
21014 Exc face tum deep = 2 cm
21016 Resect face tum = 2 cm
21552 Exc neck les sc = 3 cm
21554 Exc neck tum deep = 5 cm
21558 Resect neck tum = 5 cm
21931 Exc back les sc = 3 cm
21932 Exc back tum deep < 5 cm
21933 Exc back tum deep = 5 cm
21936 Resect back tum = 5 cm
22901 Exc back tum deep = 5 cm
22902 Exc abd les sc < 3 cm
22903 Exc abd les sc > 3 cm
22904 Resect abd tum < 5 cm
22905 Resect abd tum > 5 cm
23071 Exc shoulder les sc > 3 cm
23073 Exc shoulder tum deep > 5 cm
23078 Resect shoulder tum > 5 cm
24071 Exc arm/elbow les sc = 3 cm
24073 Ex arm/elbow tum deep > 5 cm
24079 Resect arm/elbow tum > 5 cm
25071 Exc forearm les sc > 3 cm
25073 Exc forearm tum deep = 3 cm
25078 Resect forearm/wrist tum=3cm
26111 Exc hand les sc > 1.5 cm
26113 Exc hand tum deep > 1.5 cm
26118 Exc hand tum ra > 3 cm
27043 Exc hip pelvis les sc > 3 cm
27045 Exc hip/pelv tum deep > 5 cm
27059 Resect hip/pelv tum > 5 cm
27337 Exc thigh/knee les sc > 3 cm
27339 Exc thigh/knee tum deep >5cm
27364 Resect thigh/knee tum >5 cm
27616 Resect leg/ankle tum > 5 cm
27632 Exc leg/ankle les sc > 3 cm
27634 Exc leg/ankle tum deep >5 cm
28039 Exc foot/toe tum sc > 1.5 cm
28041 Exc foot/toe tum deep >1.5cm
28047 Resect foot/toe tumor > 3 cm
29581 Apply multlay comprs lwr leg
31626 Bronchoscopy w/markers
31627 Navigational bronchoscopy
32552 Remove lung catheter
32553 Ins mark thor for rt perq
32561 Lyse chest fibrin init day
32562 Lyse chest fibrin subq day
33782 Nikaidoh proc
33783 Nikaidoh proc w/ostia implt
33981 Replace vad pump ext
33982 Replace vad intra w/o bp
33983 Replace vad intra w/bp
36147 Access av dial grft for eval
36148 Access av dial grft for proc
37761 Ligate leg veins open
43281 Lap paraesophag hern repair
43282 Lap paraesoph her rpr w/mesh
43775 Lap sleeve gastrectomy
45171 Exc rect tum transanal part
45172 Exc rect tum transanal full
46707 Repair anorectal fist w/plug
49411 Ins mark abd/pel for rt perq
51727 Cystometrogram w/up
51728 Cystometrogram w/vp
51729 Cystometrogram w/vp&up
53855 Insert prost urethral stent
57426 Revise prosth vag graft lap
63661 Remove spine eltrd perq aray
63662 Remove spine eltrd plate
63663 Revise spine eltrd perq aray
63664 Revise spine eltrd plate
64490 Inj paravert f jnt c/t 1 lev
64491 Inj paravert f jnt c/t 2 lev
64492 Inj paravert f jnt c/t 3 lev
64493 Inj paravert f jnt l/s 1 lev
64494 Inj paravert f jnt l/s 2 lev
64495 Inj paravert f jnt l/s 3 lev
74261 Ct colonography, w/o dye
74262 Ct colonography, w/dye
74263 Ct colonography, screen
75565 Card mri vel flw map add-on
75571 Ct hrt w/o dye w/ca test
75572 Ct hrt w/3d image
75573 Ct hrt w/3d image, congen
75574 Ct angio hrt w/3d image
75791 Av dialysis shunt imaging
77338 Design mlc device for imrt
78451 Ht muscle image spect, sing
78452 Ht muscle image spect, mult
78453 Ht muscle image,planar,sing
78454 Ht musc image, planar, mult
83987 Exhaled breath condensate
84145 Procalcitonin (pct)
84431 Thromboxane, urine
86305 Human epididymis protein 4
86352 Cell function assay w/stim
86780 Treponema pallidum
86825 Hla x-match, non-cytotoxic
86826 Hla x-match, non-cyt add-on
87150 Dna/rna, amplified probe
87153 Dna/rna sequencing
87493 C diff amplified probe
88387 Tiss exam molecular study
88388 Tiss ex molecul study add-on
88738 Hgb quant transcutaneous
89398 Unlisted reprod med lab proc
90470 Immune admin H1N1 im/nasal
90644 HIB/men/tt vaccine, im
90670 Pneumococcal vacc, 13 val im
92540 Basic vestibular evaluation
92550 Tympanometry & reflex thresh
92570 Acoustic immittance testing
93750 Interrogation vad, in person
94011 Up to 2 yrs old, spirometry
94012 = 2 yrs, spiromtry w/dilator
94013 = 2 yrs, lung volumes
95905 Motor/sens nrve conduct test
0545F Follow up care plan mdd docd
1200F Seizure type(s)+ frq docd
1205F EPI etiol synd rvwd and docd
2060F Pt talk eval hlthwkr re mdd
3008F Body mass index docd
3015F Cerv cancer screen docd
3038F Pulm fx w/in 12 mon b/4 surg
3293F Abo rh blood typing docd
3294F Grp b strep screening docd
3323F Clin node stgng docdb/4 surg
3324F Mri ct scan ord rvwd rqstd
3328F Prfrmnc docd 2 wks b/4 surg
3650F Eeg ordered rvwd reqstd
4004F Pt tobacco use done rcvd tlk
4063F Antidepres rxthxpy not rxd
4255F Anesth >= 60 min as docd
4256F Anesth < 60 min as docd
4330F Cnslng epi spec sfty issues
4340F Cnslng chldbrng+ women epi
5200F Eval appros surg thxpy epi
6070F Pt asked/cnsld aed effects
0199T Physiologic tremor record
0200T Perq sacral augmt unilat inj
0201T Perq sacral augmt bilat inj
0202T Post vert arthrplst 1 lumbar
0203T Unattend sleep study w/time
0204T Unattended sleep study
0205T Inirs each vessel add-on
0206T Remote algorithm analys ecg
0207T Clear eyelid gland w/heat
0208T Automated audiometry air
0209T Auto audiometry air/bone
0210T Auto audiometry sp thresh
0211T Auto audiometry sp thresh
0212T Comprehen auto audiometry
0213T Us facet jt inj cerv/t 1 lev
0214T Us facet jt inj cerv/t 2 lev
0215T Us facet jt inj cerv/t 3 lev
0216T Us facet jt inj ls 1 level
0217T Us facet jt inj ls 2 level
0218T Us facet jt inj ls 3 level
0219T Fuse spine facet jt cerv
0220T Fuse spine facet jt thor
0221T Fuse spine facet jt lumbar
0222T Fuse spine facet jt add seg