To obtain the incentive in 2009, you have to report on the e-prescribing quality
measure for 50% of applicable cases. The e-prescribing measure has two basic elements: (1) a reporting denominator consisting of a specified set of service codes that defines the circumstances when the measure is reportable; and (2) a reporting numerator consisting of a set of specific “G” -codes, one of which must be reported for successful reporting.
When you have an applicable case (defined by engaging in one of the service codes listed in Step 1 below for a Medicare Part B Fee-For-Service beneficiary), you report on the e-prescribing measure with two steps:

Step 1. Bill on one of the following service denominator codes:

90801 92004 99201 99215
90802 92012 99202 99241
90804 92014 99203 99242
90805 96150 99204 99243
90806 96151 99205 99244
90807 96152 99211 99245
90808 99212 G0101
90809 99213 G0108
92002 99214 G0109

*Codes in bold typically billed by internists.

Step 2. Report one of the three G-codes listed below on more than 50% of applicable
cases for the numerator. All three codes (even the code for not generating prescriptions)
count toward the e-prescribing incentive. One of the G codes must be reported on the
same claim as the denominator billing code.
E-prescribing Incentive Program Quick Reference: G -Codes

If You…          Report
Used a qualified e-prescribing system for all of the prescriptions G8443
Had a qualified e-prescribing system, but didn’t generate any prescriptions during this encounter G8445
Had a qualified e-prescribing system, but could not electronically submit one or more of the generated prescriptions because:                                                                                   • The prescription was for narcotics or other controlled substances.
• State or Federal law required you to phone in or print the prescriptions.
• The patient asked that you phone in or print the prescriptions.
• The pharmacy system was unable to receive an electronic transmission.                                            

*** Work Flow Suggestion—Add the three e-prescribing measure numerator G-Codes to your superbill.