Explanation of Medicare Part C

When considering your Medicare options, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Relax and take one section at a time to gain an overall understanding. Knowing what Medicare is and how it works will help you to make the best decision. One option is called Part C, or Medicare Advantage Plan (like HMO or PPO).


What is Part C?

 Medicare Part C combines your Part A and Part B options and must cover all medically needed services. The difference is that private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare provide this type of coverage. In most cases, Part C is a lower-cost alternative to the Original Medicare Plan, and providers usually offer extra benefits and include prescription drug coverage (Part D).

Part C plans often have networks, and you must use the doctors or hospitals that belong to the plan. These plans help you coordinate and manage your overall care. Part C includes specialized care for people who need a large amount of health care services. If you find yourself needing medical attention while traveling out of your plan coverage area, you will still be covered for emergency or urgent care services.