There are several plans available for Medicare Advantage. The Part C plans include the following:

*Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – You are able to see any doctor or specialist that you choose. If they are not in your PPO network, your cost will increase. You usually can see a specialist without a referral.

*Medicare Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) – You are able to visit doctors in the HMO network only. In most cases, you will be required to have a referral to visit a specialist.

*Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) – You are able to see any doctor or specialist, but they must be willing to accept the PFFS’s fees, terms, and conditions. You do not have to have a referral to see a specialist.

*Medicare Special Needs – These plans are designed for people with certain chronic diseases or other special health needs. These plans must include Part A, Part B, and Part D coverage.

*Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) – There are two parts to this plan:

(1) A high-deductible plan with which coverage won’t begin until the annual deductible is met.

(2) A savings account plan where Medicare deposits money for you to use for health care costs.