Status Amputation “V” Codes

V49.71 Great toe
V49.72 Other toe(s)
V49.73 Foot
V49.74 Ankle (Disarticulation of ankle)
V49.75 Below knee
V49.76 Above knee (Disarticulation of knee)
V49.77 Hip (Disarticulation of hip)

Aftercare “V” Codes

V53.7 Orthopedic devices
V54.01 Aftercare encounter for removal of internal fixation device
V54.09 Other aftercare involving internal fixation device
V54.19 Aftercare for healing traumatic fracture of other bone
V54.29 Aftercare for healing pathologic fracture of other bone
V54.81 Aftercare following joint replacement (must use with site code V43.69)
V54.89 Other orthopedic aftercare
V54.9 Unspecified orthopedic aftercare
V57.1 Care involving rehab procedures – other PT
V57.81 Orthotic training Gait training in the use of artificial limbs
V58.30 Encounter for change or removal of non-surgical wound dressing
 V58.31 Encounter for change or removal of surgical wound dressing
 V58.32 Encounter for removal of sutures
 V58.41 Encounter for planned post-operative wound closure
 V58.43 Aftercare following surgery for injury and trauma
 V58.49 Other specified aftercare following surgery