CPT G0431 replaces CPT 80101 for Drug Screen Testing 


Change Request 6852 addresses CPT G0431 “Drug screen, qualitative; single drug class method (e.g., immunoassay, enzyme assay), each drug class” as a direct replacement of CPT 80101. 

The following conditions become effective on April 1, 2010:

  • Providers must use CPT G0431 when billing for these services
  • CPT 80101 will no longer be covered by Medicare for dates of service January 1, 2010 and after

For complete information, refer to the CMS Medicare Leaning Network (MLN) article MM6852 “Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) – Special Instructions for Specific Test Codes (CPT Code 80100, CPT Code 80101, CPT Code 80101QW, G0430, G0430QW, and G0431QW).”