Modifier Listing for Medicare Part B

Q3 Live kidney donor
Q4 Services for ordering or referring physician qualifies as a service exemption
Q5 Services provided by substitute physician under reciprocal billing
Q6 Services furnished by a locum tenens physician
Q7 One class A finding
Q8 Two class B findings
Q9 One class B finding and two class C findings
RC Right coronary artery
RT Right side of body
SF Second opinion ordered by provider
SG Ambulatory surgical center facility fee
TA Left foot, great toe
TC Technical component only
TS Follow up service
T1 Left foot, second digit
T2 Left foot, third digit
T3 Left foot, fourth digit
T4 Left foot, fifth digit
T5 Right foot, great toe
T6 Right foot, second digit
T7 Right foot, third digit
T8 Right foot, fourth digit
T9 Right foot, fifth digit
UN Portable X-ray – two patients served
UP Portable X-ray – three patients served
UQ Portable X-ray – four patients served
UR Portable X-ray – five patients served
US Portable X-ray – six or more patients served
VP Aphakic patient
1P PQRI Performance Measure Exclusion due to medical reason
21 Prolonged E/M service
22 Specific unusual or difficult services
23 Unusual anesthesia
24 Unrelated E/M or eye exam during post-op by same provider
25 Separate E/M on the same day as another service by same provider.
26 Professional component
2P PQRI Performance Measure Exclusion due to patient reason
32 Services related to mandated consultation and or related service
3P PQRI Performance Measure Exclusion due to system reason
47 Anesthesia by surgeon
50 Bilateral procedure
51 Multiple surgical procedures on same day
52 Less than usual service
53 Discontinued Procedure
54 Surgical procedure only, no follow-up care
55 Follow-up care only
56 Pre-operative management only
57 Decision for surgery
58 Related service by same physician during post-operative
59 Distinct procedural service
60 Altered surgical field
62 Two surgeons
66 Surgical team
73 Discontinued procedure pre-anesthesia
74 Discontinued procedure post-anesthesia
76 Repeat procedure, same provider
77 Repeat procedure, different provider
78 Return to operating room for a related service, post-operative
79 Unrelated procedure, same physician, post-operative
80 Assistant surgeon above minimum fee
81 Assistant surgeon at minimum fee
82 Assistant surgeon – when qualified resident is not available
8P PQRI Performance Reporting-action not performed, reason NOS
91 Repeat clinical diagnostic laboratory test
99 Multiple modifiers