Modifier Listing for Medicare Part B 

AA Anesthesia performed by anesthesiologist
AD Supervision by anesthesiologist of more than 4 concurrent anesthesia
AE Registered Dietician
AF Specialty Physician
AH Clinical psychologist
AJ Licensed clinical social worker
AM Physician services, team member services
AR Physician providing service in a physician scarcity area
AS Physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist services for assistant at surgery
AT Active/corrective treatment for chiropractic service only
CB Services ordered by a dialysis facility physician as part of the ESRD beneficiary’s dialysis benefit,
is not part of the composite rate, and is separately reimbursable.
CC Procedure code change or a change in provider charges resolution
DD Powdered enteral supplies
EJ Subsequent claims for a defined course of therapy
E1 Upper left, eyelid
E2 Lower left, eyelid
E3 Upper right, eyelid
E4 Lower right, eyelid
FA Left hand, thumb
FP Services provided as part of family planning program
F1 Left hand, second digit
F2 Left hand, third digit
F3 Left hand, fourth digit
F4 Left hand, fifth digit
F5 Right hand, thumb
F6 Right hand, second digit
F7 Right hand, third digit
F8 Right hand, fourth digit
F9 Right hand, fifth digit
GA Waiver of liability statement on file
GC Teaching physician services that meet the requirement
GE Teaching physician services rendered under exemption to policy
GG Performance and payment of a screening mammography and diagnostic mammography on same patient same day.
GH Diagnostic mammography to screening mammography
GJ Opt out physician or practitioner emergency or urgent services
GN Services delivered under an outpatient speech-language pathology plan of care
GO Services delivered under an outpatient OT plan of care
GP Services delivered under an outpatient PT plan of care