Blue Cross insurance (Medicare HMO)

The Blue Cross is a consumer health advocate with the public interest as its driving force. Their plans have been providing families with the highest quality of health insurance services for 70 years. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association only offers its members the highest quality, most innovative & customer focused, health insurance plans available. As we step further into the 21st century, medical breakthroughs are going to require changes in policies and coverage, and Blue Cross Blue Shield will be there for its customers, every step of the way.

Blue Cross offers a single Medicare + Choice HMO plan, the Blue Cross Senior Secure plan. The benefits of this plan include low or no, monthly premiums, low copayments for doctor office visits, and coverage for vision, dental and routine podiatry care. This plan, however, is only available in select geographic locals.

For more information regarding the many available plans to choose from, consult the chart below.

Blue Cross Senior Secure
Doctor and Hospital Choice
You must go to network doctors, specialists and hospitals
Monthly Premium
Inpatient Hospital Care
Member pays $160/$165 per day until the $2,100 annual out-of-pocket maximum has been reached
Skilled Nursing Facility
100% up to 100 days per benefit period
Doctor Office Visits
$5/$10 Primary Care; $10/$15 Specialist
Prescription Drugs (on Senior Secure Approved List)
For each prescription or refill, $8 for generic drugs up to a 30-day supply; $20 for mail order generic drugs up to a 90-day supply
Routine Physical Exams
After a $5/$10 copay, pays 100% of expenses

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