What is Medicaid and who does it cover?

Medicaid is a joint Federal and State program that helps pay medical costs for some people with limited incomes and resources. Most of your health care costs are covered if you have Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid programs vary from state to state. People with Medicaid may get coverage for services such as nursing home and home health care, that aren’t fully covered by Medicare.

For more information about Medicaid, call your State medical assistance office or visit the Medicaid Section of www.cms.hhs.gov.

You may also be interested in the Medicare Savings Programs. States have programs for people with limited income and resources that pay Medicare premiums and, in some cases, may also pay Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. These programs help millions of people with Medicare save money each year. It’s very important to call your State medical assistance office if you think you qualify for the Medicare Savings Programs, even if you aren’t sure.

How do I know if I have “full Medicaid coverage?”

If Medicaid covers both your health care and your prescription drugs, you have “full” Medicaid benefits.