Group Practice Reporting Options (GPRO)

CMS proposes for the 2011 PQRI to change the definition of “group practice” to allow a minimum group size of 2 (in contrast to the 2010 minimum group size of 200) to enable more group practices to participate in the PQRI GPRO. The AMA applauds CMS’ decision to change the definition of group practice from 200 to 2, as it will allow more physician practices to participate in the GPRO for 2011.

We are also pleased that CMS has called for deeming eligible group practices participating in the Physician Group Practice (PGP), Medicare Care Management Performance and Electronic Health Record demonstrations to be participating in PQRI. As such, all eligible professionals participating in these demonstrations automatically receive PQRI bonus payments. Adopting this proposal will help reduce the reporting burden for physicians.

CMS proposes for the 2011 PQRI GPRO I (large group practices) that it will validate that the group practice consists of a minimum of 200 NPIs and will supply group practices with this list. This is a change from 2010, and the AMA seeks clarification on how it will validate NPIs.
The AMA supports CMS’ decision to allow those group practices selected to participate in the 2010 GPRO to automatically participate in the 2011 PQRI GPRO, without being required to complete the 2011 GPRO I self-nomination process.

CMS invites comments regarding its proposal to publicly report GPRO II information with respect to satisfactory PQRI participation. The AMA seeks clarification on what the agency means by “information.” “Performance” information would be problematic, considering 2011 would be the first year for the GPRO II. GPRO II information for public reporting must not include performance information.