Bone Mass Measurements

Medicare covers bone mass measurements to determine whether you are at risk for a fracture (broken bone). People are at risk for fractures because of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which your bones become weak. In general, the lower your bone density, the higher your risk is for a fracture. Bone mass measurement test results will help you and your doctor choose the best way to keep your bones strong.

How often is it covered?

Once every 24 months (more often if medically necessary)

For whom?

All people with Medicare who are at risk for osteoporosis.

Your costs if you have Original Medicare

Before January 1, 2011, you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, and the Part B deductible applies. Starting January 1, 2011, you pay nothing for this test if the doctor accepts assignment.

Are you at risk for osteoporosis?

Your risk for osteoporosis increases if you…
     are age 50 or older
     are a woman
     have a family history of broken bones
     have a personal history of broken bones
     are White or Asian
     are small-boned
     have low body weight (less than about 127 pounds)
     smoke or drink a lot
     have a low-calcium diet