DME MAC A IVR User Guide – Main Menu Options

Main Menu Options

The main menu and subsequent menus can be navigated by using your voice or using touch-tone on the
telephone keypad. You can also use touch-tone entry for Provider Transaction Access Numbers (PTANs),
Medicare numbers, tax identification numbers (TINs), dates of service, dates of birth, HCPCS codes, and
beneficiary names. Touch-tone instructions and examples are also included in this guide.
Note: The 10-digit legacy supplier number is now being referred to as the PTAN.

Select the main menu option for a complete list of elements required from the caller and the information that
the caller will hear back from the IVR.

Voice                           Touch-Tone Entry
Claims                                        1
Eligibility                                     2
CMN Status                              3
Appeals                                     4
Financial                                    5
Pricing                                       6
Same or Similar                         7
Questions                                   8
Description of Main Menu Options *