Will my Medicare Part B premium increase in 2011?

Most Medicare beneficiaries will continue to pay the same $96.40 or $110.50 Part B premium amount in 2011. Beneficiaries who currently have the Social Security Administration (SSA) withhold their Part B premium and have incomes of $85,000 or less (or $170,000 or less for joint filers) will not have an increase in their Part B premium for 2011.

For all others, the standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $115.40 in 2011, which is a 4.4% increase over the 2010 premium. The Medicare Part B premium is increasing in 2011 due to possible increases in Part B costs. If your income is above $85,000 (single) or $170,000 (married couple), then your Medicare Part B premium may be higher than $115.40 per month. For additional details, see our FAQ
titled: 2011 Part B Premium Amounts for Persons with Higher
Income Levels. In 2011:

New Part B beneficiaries will pay $115.40 (because they did not have the premium withheld from their Social Security benefit in the previous year).

• Beneficiaries who do not currently have the Part B premium withheld from their Social Security benefit will pay $115.40.

•  Higher-income beneficiares pay $115.40 plus an additional amount, based on the income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA).