DME MAC A IVR User Guide – Appeals Options

Appeals – Option 4 

When the appeals option is selected, the IVR will request the following elements:

• National Provider Identifier (NPI)
• PTAN (10-digit supplier number)
• Last 5 digits of the Tax Identification Number (TIN)
• Beneficiary Medicare number
• Beneficiary first and last name (last name and first initial if using touch-tone)
• Beneficiary date of birth

Once the authentication elements have been verified, the IVR will supply the following, if applicable:

• Document Control Number (DCN)
• All associated CCNs
• Appeal status
• Received date
• Dates of service
• Appeal decision

For appeals navigation options, please refer to the following:

Appeals Navigation
Voice                                                  Touch-Tone Entry
Repeat That                                                    1
Next CCN                                                      2
Previous CCN                                                3
Change CCN                                                  4
Change Medicare Number                              5
Change PTAN                                                6
Main Menu                                                     7