Documentation Required

List of required documentation. These types of documentation of therapy services are expected to be submitted in response to any requests for documentation, unless the contractor requests otherwise. The timelines are minimum requirements for Medicare payment. Document as often as the clinician’s judgment dictates but no less than the frequency required in Medicare policy:

• Evaluation /and Plan of Care (may be one or two documents). Include the initial evaluation and any re-evaluations relevant to the episode being reviewed;

• Certification (physician/NPP approval of the plan) and recertifications when records are requested after the certification/recertification is due. See definitions in section 220 and certification policy in section 220.1.3 of this chapter. Certification (and recertification of the plan when applicable) are required for payment and must be submitted when records are requested after the certification or recertification is due.

• Progress Reports (including Discharge Notes, if applicable) when records are requested after the reports are due.

• Treatment Notes for each treatment day (may also serve as Progress Reports when required information is included in the notes); and

• A separate justification statement may be included either as a separate document or within the other documents if the provider/supplier wishes to assure the contractor understands their reasoning for services that are more extensive than is typical for the condition treated. A separate statement is not required if the record justifies treatment without further explanation.

Limits on Requirements

. Contractors shall not require more specific documentation unless other Medicare manual policies require it. Contractors may request further information to be included in these documents concerning specific cases under review when that information is relevant, but not submitted with records.

Dictated Documentation.

For Medicare purposes, dictated therapy documentation is considered completed on the day it was dictated. The qualified professional may edit and electronically sign the documentation at a later date.

Dates for Documentation

. The date the documentation was made is important only to establish the date of the initial plan of care because therapy cannot begin until the plan is established unless treatment is performed or supervised by the same clinician who establishes the plan. However, contractors may require that treatment notes and progress reports be entered into the record within 1 week of the last date to which the Progress Report or Treatment

Note refers. For example, if treatment began on the first of the month at a frequency of twice a week, a Progress Report would be required at the end of the month. Contractors may require that the Progress Report that describes that month of treatment be dated not more than 1 week after the end of the month described in the report.