Yes. In order for CarePlus to maintain accurate participating provider  irectories and also for reimbursement  purposes, all changes to address or practice information should be submitted in writing to CarePlus as  soon  as  possible.  Notices  of  any  changes  must  adhere  to  time  frames  outlined  in  the  participation  agreement.

Changes that require notice to CarePlus may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Provider Information
* Tax Identification Number
* National Provider Indicator (NPI)
* Address
* Phone Number
* Practice Name
* Adding a physician – physician joining practice/group. Please note that the new  physician must be credentialed first before rendering treatment to any CarePlus member.
* Provider deletions – provider no longer participating with the practice/group
* Medicare numbers


CarePlus  conducts  site  visits  to  assess  the  office  environment  as  it  relates  to  physical  accessibility,  physical appearance, adequacy of patient care areas and medical equipment, medical record policies and  practice management. A site visit may be conducted upon initial credentialing and on other occasions as  determined by the Plan (e.g., quality review).

The standards reviewed during site visits include, but may not be limited to, the following:

 Accessibility/Physical Appearance

1.  Site is operated in a safe and secure manner.

2.  Provide reception areas, toilets, and telephones in accordance with patient/visitor volume.

3.  Adequately marked patient/visitor parking, when appropriate.

4.  Examination rooms, dressing rooms, and reception areas are constructed and maintained  in a manner that ensures patient privacy.

5.  Provisions are made to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals.

6.  Adequate lighting and ventilation are provided in all areas.

7.  Office/Facility is clean and properly maintained.

8.  Space allocated for a particular function or service is adequate for the activities performed  therein.

9.  Smoking is prohibited in the office/facility.

10. Office/Facility must be in compliance with applicable state and local building codes and  regulations; state and local fire prevention regulations; applicable federal regulation and  receive periodic inspection by local or state fire control agency, if this service is available  in the community.