Q: Why are online forms and/or results on The SPOT labeled either Part A or Part B? Aren’t the options the same for both?
A: Since Part A and Part B claims data come from different CMS information systems, online forms and certain queries on The SPOT may also differ. The labels and options presented by The SPOT are based upon the user’s account profile.
For example, the “Claim Status” inquiry form for a Part A account user offers the option of entering a date range instead of the single date of service option on the Part B “Claim Status” inquiry form.
In addition, although the request forms for Provider Data Summary (PDS) reports are identical, the data included in a Part A PDS report will differ significantly from the data included within a Part B PDS report.

Q: Are there any requirements regarding the format in which data may be entered on The SPOT? How do I know which data fields are required?
A: Yes. Although fields may vary from form to form, each data field has a specific format in which the data must be entered:
• Date format: MM/DD/YYYY
• Medicare number format: 123456789A (no dashes or hyphens)
Note: The beneficiary’s name and date of birth must match the information associated with his or her Medicare number.
All data fields are required and must contain data. If data does not match, is entered in the incorrect format, or if any data fields are empty, the query request will not be processed by The SPOT, and an error message will display.

New account required for staff reassignments or terminations FAQ
Q: If the individual who created the organization’s account for The SPOT is reassigned or leaves the organization, can another employee use the same account?
A: No. Each account has a unique User ID and Password, and each User ID is associated with a specific Social Security Number (SSN) and email address.
If an account holder leaves his or her organization or is reassigned, the organization must notify FCSOSpotHelp@FCSO.com, so that the individual’s account may be archived. If a different employee or a new employee is assigned, he or she must register for a new account for The SPOT.
According to CMS’ terms and conditions of use, account holders are not permitted to share their account passwords with anyone, including FCSOSpotHelp@FCSO.com. If the user shares his or her password, the security violation must be reported to CMS, and the account may be subject to suspension or removal. Note: If an organization requires multiple individuals to have access, each individual must register separately.

Q: My password for The SPOT doesn’t work. How often do I need to reset my password? How do I reset my password?
A: Your password needs to be reset every 60 days. Please check your email for a request to reset your password. If you haven’t received a reset request, use the “reset password” option through Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS).
Note: IACS re-certification is required annually.