Repetitive Part B services furnished to a single individual by providers that bill institutional claims shall be billed monthly (or at the conclusion of treatment). The instructions in this subsection also apply to hospice services billed under Part A, though they do not apply to home health services. Consolidating repetitive services into a single monthly claim reduces CMS processing costs for relatively small claims and in instances where bills are held for monthly review. Services repeated over a span of time and billed with the following revenue codes are defined as repetitive services:

Type of Service  Revenue Code(s)
DME Rental 0290 – 0299
Respiratory Therapy 0410, 0412, 0419
Physical Therapy 0420 – 0429
Occupational Therapy 0430 – 0439
Speech-Language Pathology 0440 – 0449
Skilled Nursing 0550 – 0559
Kidney Dialysis Treatments 0820 – 0859
Cardiac Rehabilitation Services 0482, 0943

Hospitals in Maryland that are under the jurisdiction of the Health Services Cost Review Commission are subject to monthly billing cycles.

Where there is an inpatient stay, or outpatient surgery, or outpatient hospital services subject to OPPS, during a period of repetitive outpatient services, one bill for repetitive services shall nonetheless be submitted for the entire month as long as the provider uses an occurrence span code 74 on the monthly repetitive bill to encompass the inpatient stay, day of outpatient surgery, or outpatient hospital services subject to OPPS. CWF and shared systems must read occurrence span 74 and recognize the beneficiary cannot receive non-repetitive services while receiving repetitive services, and consequently, is on leave of absence from the repetitive services. This permits submitting a single, monthly bill for repetitive services and simplifies Contractor review of these bills.