Expedite your Part B clerical reopening requests with the ‘SPOT’ or IVR

In the past, providers had only two available methods to submit clerical reopening requests to First Coast Service Options Inc.: Mail or fax. However, these submission methods were neither time nor cost efficient.

Today, members of First Coast’s provider community have the opportunity to submit clerical reopening requests through more efficient channels: the Secure Provider Online Tool (SPOT) and the interactive voice response system (IVR).
The SPOT and the IVR allow providers to submit clerical reopening requests directly into a secure database, which helps shorten processing time.

Since the availability of these more expedient submission channels has eliminated the need for providers to fax clerical reopening requests, First Coast will no longer offer that option starting December 1.

Option 1: Correct your claim online with the ‘SPOT’
The SPOT offers registered users the time-saving advantage of not only viewing claim data online but also the option of correcting minor clerical errors in their eligible Part B claims quickly, easily, and securely — online.
To begin, search for the claim you wish to correct by its ICN or by its date(s) of service in Claim Status. The SPOT will automatically determine if any line items are eligible and prepopulate the online request form accordingly.

You may select the request type for any eligible line item based upon the fields you wish to correct: Date(s) of Service, Procedure Code, Modifier, or Diagnosis Code.

The type of reopening request selected will determine which fields are editable. Once you have completed and reviewed your corrections, submit your request. You will receive a confirmation email that will outline the changes you made.

Option 2: Correct your claim on the telephone with the IVR

If you don’t have online access, you may submit your Part B clerical reopening request through First Coast’s IVR system. Although the IVR offers the same primary request types as the SPOT, the IVR offers the additional option of making history corrections to your claim.

To access your claim through the IVR, you must enter the billing provider’s information (i.e., NPI, PTAN, and TIN), the beneficiary’s information (i.e., name, date of birth, Medicare number), and the ICN of the claim you wish to correct.

After you have selected the request type and have entered corrections for applicable fields, you will be asked to confirm your choices and submit the request. If the request is approved, you will receive a letter and new remittance advice notice.

If you would like to take advantage of First Coast’s telephone submission method for clerical reopening requests, please refer to Telephone reopening requests via the IVR.

Remember, whether you prefer to correct your claims online or on the telephone, you won’t have to wait until December 1. You can fix your claims faster on the SPOT and IVR — today.