CMS-855I is to be used by Physicians and non-physician practitioners (including clinical psychologists) — Complete this application if you are an individual practitioner who plans to bill Medicare and you are:

• An individual practitioner who will provide services in a private setting.

• An individual practitioner who will provide services in a group setting. If you plan to render all of your services in a group setting, you will complete Sections 1-4 and skip to Sections 14 through 17 of this application.

• Currently enrolled with a Medicare fee-for-service contractor but need to enroll in another fee-for- service contractor’s jurisdiction (e.g., you have opened a practice location in a geographic territory serviced by another Medicare fee-for-service contractor).

• Currently enrolled in Medicare and need to make changes to your enrollment information (e.g., you have added or changed a practice location).

• An individual who has formed a professional corporation, professional association, limited liability company, etc., of which you are the sole owner.

• If you provide services in a group/organization setting, you will also need to complete a separate application, the CMS-855R, to reassign your benefits to each organization. If you terminate your association with an organization, use the CMS-855R to submit that change.

All physicians, as well as all non-physician practitioners listed below, must complete this application to initiate the enrollment process:
• Anesthesiology Assistant
• Audiologist
• Certified nurse midwife
• Certified registered nurse anesthetist
• Clinical nurse specialist
• Clinical social worker
• Mass immunization roster biller
• Occupational therapist in private practice
• Physical therapist in private practice
• Physician assistant
• Psychologist, Clinical
• Psychologist billing independently
• Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Professional
• Speech Language Pathologist

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Download CMS-855I

• Find step-by-step directions to completing the CMS-855I form.
• View how to avoid the errors flash file that result in the CMS-855I form not being processed, specifically missing signatures or other required information.
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