Electronic Payments and Statements EPS

• Receive payments and EOBs five to seven days faster than with paper

• Multiple claim payments generated in one day for the same payer are combined into one deposit or VCP and one electronic EOB for easy reconciliation

• Simplified processing and reconciliation – automate payment posting using the 835/ERA or continue with your existing paper process using our EOB printing options

• Print either a single consolidated file (less paper) containing all EOBs for a given deposit or print individual EOBs to submit to other carriers for your
secondary claim submissions

• EOBs are available for 13 months and can be downloaded as PDF files to store on your own system

• Reduced risk of lost, misrouted and stolen checks

• Potential elimination of bank lockbox fees

• Practice management software and technical expertise are NOT required.

• You can post payments the same way you do today

EPS with direct deposit:

• No credit card processing fees

• While funds are deposited to your account, UnitedHealthcare will not debit or deduct claim adjustments from your checking or savings account. You can also contact
your bank to ensure that you have appropriately placed controls over the electronic funds transfers to and from your account.

EPS with Virtual Card Payments:

• Virtual Card Payments can be processed using the same method leveraged by your organization to process credit card transactions. Please note, your current credit card processing fees will apply. Please confirm those rates with your bank of choice directly.[2]

• Banking information is not shared outside your organization.