Discover what you can do on the SPOT

First Coast’s Secure Provider Online Tool (SPOT) is a free Web-based application hosted through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) portal external link.

The SPOT: User Guide pdf file and the On-the-SPOT FAQs will show you everything you want to know about:

*** Benefits/Eligibility Data
*** Claim Data
*** Claim Status
*** Part B Claim Reopening
*** Payment Data
*** Secure Mail (electronic form submission)
*** Part A/B Claim Redetermination Requests
*** Part A Claim Reopening Request
*** Part B MSP and Non-MSP Overpayment Forms
*** Part B Overpayment Redetermination Request
*** Part A/B General Inquiry Requests
*** Data Reports
*** Part A/B Provider Data Summary (PDS)
*** Part B Comparative Billing Report (CBR)

SPOT new account registration will temporarily close March 1 – 15

First Coast Service Options Inc. has suspended processing of new SPOT (Secure Provider Online Tool) account applications and new profile requests through March 15, 2016 due to system updates associated with the annual recertification process.

Providers seeking new SPOT accounts or additional profiles before March 15 may complete the application step and submit it for review. However, new account and additional profile requests will not be reviewed/approved until after processing resumes March 16.

Active SPOT account holders will still enjoy the benefits of its functionality, including the ability to view claims status and patient eligibility information, and to submit redeterminations and additional development responses (ADRs) online. Providers will also have full access to other SPOT features such as detailed data analysis at the claim and provider levels, and the ability reopen claims to make clerical corrections at multiple lines.

If your SPOT password expires during this period, you will still be able to access your account by following these steps to unlock your account and reset your password.

First Coast provides a step-by-step guide to assist you in establishing a new SPOT account. Most providers are able to complete the application and begin using SPOT to streamline their Medicare billing within 48 hours.