When billing home health services to Florida Blue, revenue codes and CPT/HCPCS should be reported using the most current publications. The matrix below indicates the commonly used the revenue codes to be used in billing home health/home infusion services.

• Multiple infusion therapies apply to patients who require multiple concurrent infusion treatments including, but not limited to, multiple antibiotics, hydration and chemotherapy.

• Reimbursement for multiple medications may be allowed with payment reductions, as noted per payment policy.

• The only exception to this is aerosolized AIDS drug therapy. It is the only therapy that must be billed in conjunction with another mode of home IV therapy administration. It is also the only drug therapy that, while provided as part of a multiple-therapy treatment, can be billed as a separate service.

• Use procedure code S9061 to report aerosolized AIDS drug therapy.

NOTE: Some groups and other Blue Plans may have specific coding and/or billing requirements for home infusion. Call the appropriate Blue Plan with any questions prior to filing the claim.

Revenue Codes Used

• General Classification Home IV Therapy

o 0640

o Non-routine nursing, central line 0641

o Site Care, central line 0642

o Start/Change, peripheral line 0643

o Routine Nursing, peripheral line 0644

• Drugs

o 0250-0252

o 0630-0636