CPT Updates for 2019

The below CPT updates would give a brief note on 2019 code changes which includes the details on newly added codes, revised codes with descriptors and also the deleted codes. As we all know these codes are to be used for discharges occurring between Jan 1st,2019 through December 31st,2019.

There are no changes in the anesthesia and auditory system under surgery.

The chapters that saw the highest amount of changes are,

1. Category II codes,
2. Surgery – Integumentary,
3. Pathology
4. Medicine section.
• 168 additions
• 72 deletions
• 49 revisions
With a Glimpse on the 2019 CPT updates related to some specialties which are high level overview of the changes in this newsletter

Add-on codes:

▪ 24 new add-on codes are added throughout the chapters

* Surgery Integumentary
* Surgery Musculoskeletal
* Surgery Cardiovascular
* Radiology
* Medicine
* Category II Code set


▪ There are 16 CPT codes changes from cardiovascular.

* Loop recorder implantation and removal CPT codes are deleted (CPT 33282 & 33284)

* Leadless pacemaker, Cardiac rhythm monitor, peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) are newly added in cardiovascular section.

* Peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) CPT code are revised with added description of “without imaging guidance”


▪ There are 6 CPT codes changes from Musculoskeletal section.

* 3 codes added for Allograft (CPT 20932, 20933 & 20934)

* The existing knee arthrography contrast injection code 27370 was deleted and replaced with new CPT code 27369


▪ There are 19 CPT codes changes from Integumentary.

* Fine needle aspiration, Tangential, Punch & Incisional biopsy codes are newly added in Integumentary section.

* 3 more deleted in skin biopsy & Fine needle aspiration codes from Integumentary.

Evaluation and Management:

▪ There are 10 CPT codes changes from Evaluation and Management.
* Interprofessional telephone/Internet/electronic health record assessment and management service, Remote monitoring of physiologic parameter codes are newly added in Evaluation and Management.

* CPT 99491 added in “Chronic Care Management CCM)’’ in E&M section.

*  The “electronic health record” are revised description in Interprofessional telephone/Internet/electronic health record assessment and management service.


▪ There are 60 CPT codes changes from Medicine section.

* Out of 29 new codes ranging from 1 new flu vaccine code are newly added to Electroretinography services, Developmental testing, Psychological and Neuropsychological testing evaluation services

* Pacemaker programming & Interrogation CPT code are revised with added description of ” or leadless pacemaker system in one cardiac chamber”

* Loop recorder programming & Interrogation CPT code are revised with added description of ” subcutaneous cardiac rhythm monitor system”


▪ 10 new codes were added as well as 6 deleted codes and 4 codes with revisions
o 76391: Magnetic resonance (e.g. vibration) elastography
o 76978, 76979, 76981, 76982 and 76983 – new ultrasound codes (please note that 76979 and 76983 are new add-on codes)
o 77046, 77047, 77048 and 77049 are all added codes for MRI of the breast

Deleted CPT codes

Deleted CPT Codes effective from 1/1/2019

10022 43760 64550 81213 96103 0189T 0363T 0372T 11100 46762 66220 81214 96111 0190T 0364T 0374T 11101 50395 76001 92275 96118 0195T 0365T 0387T 20005 61332 77058 95974 96119 0196T 0366T 0388T 27370 61480 77059 95975 96120 0337T 0367T 0389T 31595 61610 78270 95978 99090 0346T
0368T 0390T 33282 61612 78271 95979 0001M 0359T 0369T 0391T 33284 63615 78272 96101 0159T 0360T 0370T 0406T 41500 64508 81211 96102 0188T 0361T 0371T 0407T

Highlights of 2019 Changes

Eliminating the requirement to document the medical necessity of a home visit in lieu of an office visit

For E/M office/outpatient visits for new and established patients, allowing physicians to not re-enter in the medical record information on the patient’s chief complaint and history that has already been entered by ancillary staff or the beneficiary

CMS will not apply the multiple procedure payment reduction policy to office visits and other services done at the same encounter

CMS will pay separately for two newly defined physicians’ services furnished using communication technology: Brief communication technology-based service & Remote evaluation of recorded video and/or images submitted by an established patient

CMS is removing the originating site geographic requirements and adds the home of an individual as a permissible originating site for telehealth services